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Looking forward to work with good companies as a reliable sub contractor.
Specialising in Afghanistan/Central Asian Republics & Pakistan and willing to work world wide
Trans Frontier Consultants founded in June 2008 is headed by Brigadier Khalid Mohammad Amin (Retired) , International consultant and dispute resolution expert.The team includes various professionals in the fields of civil engineering,mechanical engineering,electrical engineering,finance,private power projects etc.Its affiliate companies include Afghan Toll based in Afghanistan which has worked with various international companies like SNC Lavalin Canada one of worlds largest consultant companies,SOFRECO France,Surefire Logistics UK,Aydinez Turkey etc.
Bionote of Chief Technical Officer
Commissioned in corps of engineers Pakistan Army in 1955 Brigadier Khalid Mohammad Amin served in various command and staff positions finally rising to rank of brigadier in 1976.He graduated from US Army Engineer School Fort Belvoir in 1964.He served as Director General National Highway Board Pakistan (1981-87),World Bank Consultant Highways Nigeria (1988),Member Operations National Highway Authority Pakistan (1992-94),Director General Punjab Highway Authority Punjab Pakistan (1994-97),Consultant Nazir and Company Pakistan in Iraq,Libya and Pakistan (1987-92) & (1997-todate).In addition he is dispute resolution expert with various reputable companies including SAMBU Construction Korea and Husnain Cotex Group A.
Construction Claim and Disputes Services
Trans Frontier Consultants assists clients with preparing and analyzing construction claims. Owners and contractors who realize the potential for disputes and conflicts rely on the firm's construction claims experts who are experienced construction managers and engineers.Our professionals possess unique skill sets that enable us to prepare and analyze claim issues promoting timely resolution. Clients depend on our specialized knowledge and expertise of construction claims to efficiently and cost effectively produce persuasive position statements for favorable and informed settlements.
Our consultants assist clients with claim issues including:--
1-Liability Identification2-Document Analysis and Segregation3-Contract Analysis4-Cause/Effect Relationship Analysis5-Damage Assessment6-Claims Management7-Cost Analysis8-Schedule Impact Analysis9-Delay Damages10-Cardinal Change11-Constructive Change12-Construction Defects13-Defective Contract Documents14-Delays15-Differing Site Conditions16-Directed Change17-Construction Disputes18-Implied Warranty19-Force Majeure20-Maladministration21-Owner Provided Items22-Superior Knowledge23-Suspension Termination24-Claims Evaluation25-Labor Productivity26-Value Appraisal27-Claim Preparation28-Claim Analysis29-Educational Seminars30-Dispute Resolution31-Schedule AccelerationList of Civil/Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Services
Process Design
Our process design group can execute a wide range of basic and detailed engineering activities. Basic Engineering:--
1-Process SimulationHeat and Material Balances
2-Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)
3-Piping and instrumentation Diagrams (P&lDs)
4-Utility and Effluent Summary
5-Hydraulic Calculations
6-Heat Exchangers
7- Thermal Design and RatingEquipment
8-Sizing Process Data Sheets
9-Cause and Effect Diagrams
10-Detailed Engineering:P&lDs (AFD to AFC)
11-Utility Distribution Diagrams
12-Fire Protection Systems
13-Pressure Relieving.
14-Flaring, and Depressurizing Calculations
15-Operations Manuals (compilation)
16-As-Built P&IDsPiping Design
The piping design group specializes in the following:--
1-Plot Plans
2-Conceptual Piping Studies and Layouts
3-Piping PlansIsometrics
4-Project Specifications / ProceduresBill of Materials / Bill of Quantities
5-3D Modeling with PDSPipeline Design
6-Mechanical Design
Our mechanical design group provides :---
2- Material selection
3-Mechanical design
4-Detailed engineering, and shop fabrication drawings for:--Pressure Vessels , Heat ExchangersProcess Related Mechanical EquipmentStorage Tanks and Silos
5-LPG Road Tankers
6-Electrical and Instrumentation
7-Designwide range of electrical and instrumentation (E&I) design services are provided.
8-Electrical Design
9-Area Classification Drawings
10-Single Line Drawings
11-Schematic and Wiring Diagrams
12-Specifications and Data Sheets
13-Cable Layouts and Routing Diagrams
14-Communications Systems
15-Control Valve and Orifice Plate Sizing
16-Civil Design
Our civil design group specializes in the following:--
1-Modeling using PDS
2-Steel and Concrete Structures
3-Tank Foundations
4-Compressor and Turbines (including dynamic analysis)
5-High Rise Buildings
6-Elevated and Underground Tanks
7-Underground Services for Plants
9-Industrial Facilities and Process Buildings
10-Pipe Racks
11-Table Top Structures
12- Elevated Structures
14-Bridges and Culverts
15-Equipment Foundations
16-Pile Foundations
17-Fire Alarm Systems
18-Heat Tracing Systems
20-Design Instrumentation
21-Specifications and Data Sheets Logic / Loop Diagrams and Termination Drawings Hook-up and Installation Drawings Control Room layout and Arrangement Drawings Panel Specifications and Arrangement Drawings DCS and ESD SpecificationsLPG Services TF Consultants
1-LPG Storage Vessel
2-LPG Bowsers
3-LPG Domestic & commercial
4-Cylinders Process Equipments like
a. Heat Exchanger
b. Catalytic Reactor
c. Pressure vessel
d. Storage tanks
e. Dispensers
We are providing turn key solution for Plant Design Project Management Detail Engineering Procurement Fabrication, Erection & installation.Other Areas of business
1-Logistics2-Aviation3-Marine4-General Trading5-Insurance Investigation6-Special research/verification7-Human Resource of all types including specialised trades.8-Military Professional Resources.
9-Energy Sector,Pipeline, Mineral Exploration Afghanistan & Pakistan.
10-Geopolitical Research,Analysis,Journalism,Publication.
Past and Present Clients
1-SOFRECO France with Afghan Toll for Consultancy bid in Afghanistan in 2005-2006 for bid number TA 4666 Natural Gas Development Project.
2-Aydinez Turkey with Afghan Toll for supply of materials including aggregate,asphalt in 2006.
3-SNC Lavalin Canada for CASA 1000 Transmission line survey in April-June 2008 .With Afghan Toll .
4-SAMBU Construction Korea for various arbitrations with National Highway Authority Pakistan.(Brig K.M Amin) .
5-Husnain Cotex Group A for various construction disputes (Brig K.M Amin).
6-Surefire Logistics UK with Afghan Toll.
7-Viking Consut Germany for various construction projects and elevated expressway in Pakistan.
8-Al Raza Logistics Afghanistan for fabrication of LPG dispensers and bowsers.
9-Hillwest Inc USA
10-Teralite USA for IT and communications.
11-One of the NATO countries in Afghanistan for security .2006.


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